Below-listed is the best 7 movies on the Apple TV App to binge-watch this weekend. Read to know more.

It’s no surprise that the idea of comfort and convenience is big streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Prime. Gone are the times of waiting to visit the DVD store for your latest movie. Streaming is here, and it’s here to stay. For a lazy day, subscription portals are fine, so what happens when you can’t really find what you’re searching for? When you set your mind on a movie, and you just have to watch it, do you know the feeling? Aptly, that’s where it comes to Apple TV.

This is a compilation of the top 7 movies you can’t afford to miss on Apple TV.

Watch Ford v Ferrari on Apple TV App

When it comes to a sports drama, Ford v Ferrari does not reinvent the wheel, but director James Mangold creates an utterly flawless wheel. It is a mesmerizing tale of how Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) worked together to conquer the suits at Ford and build a car that could beat Ferrari at Le Mans. Even though you’re not into cars or car culture, you will be gripped all while. The comedy is sharp, the results are winning, and there are excellent driving scenes. The film is a tale about two men seeking excellence and being successful enough to get there. It’s full throttle.

The Good Liar

If the influx of Hollywood movies that focus more on visual effects than actions leaves you tired, then The Good Liar is like water in the desert. Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen), a con man attempting to cheat a wealthy widow (Helen Mirren), follows Bill Condon’s twisty thriller. Just like any good con artist movie, nothing is what it seems to be. McKellen and Mirren are the big draws here. Two acting icons bouncing each other off with big, significant roles to play. The content, though, is pulpy enough that you will still have a fun time as Condon twists the knife gleefully at every surprising twist and switch. The narrative also has something important to tell about the influence of tradition. And those who want to ignore it, so you’ll be gripped watching McKellen and Mirren explain why they’re masters of their art, even though you try to ignore the underlying message.

Get Out

When it came out in 2017, and perhaps understandably so, Jordan Peele’s Get Out created an enormous amount of buzz. The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, an African-American photographer who eventually decides to follow his Caucasian girlfriend Rose Armitage (played by Allison Williams) to visit her family in upstate New York. Upon arrival, Chris is puzzled by the extremely welcoming disposition of her parent. But he interprets it as a way to cope with the interracial relationship of their daughter. When Chris spends more time at the family house, though, he starts to become suspicious of Rose’s parents. Their odd fascination with hypnosis, weird lunch gatherings, and mysterious black servants are highlights of his suspicion. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we don’t want to say more, but the result is out of this universe.

Watch Rocketman on Apple TV App

The biopic of Elton John is more than just song and dance. It’s one of 2019’s most heartbreaking and captivating storylines. Rocketman portrays Elton John in his rise and fall, and rise, after reaching international stardom in the 1970s (played by the talented Taron Edgerton). The film discusses the friendship between Elton and his long-time songwriter and friend Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot) and his first band manager John Reid (Richard Madden). The latter is largely responsible for Elton’s downward spiral, whose influence and coercive actions. Elton resorts to drugs and drink and is close to giving up. He wants to be loved the way he is on stage until he is reminded of exactly why the whole world fell in love with him.


South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s latest film is an absolute marvel from start to finish. Parasite revolves around a family of squatters who, by passing themselves off as educated workers, find a rich family through which they can camouflage their path. To tell something more will destroy the many twists and turns the movie take a high-wire act of tones and styles. When it incisively looks at income inequality and class disparities, the film is a sight to behold. Bong (his previous films include Snowpiercer and Okja) has never shied away from complicated social concerns before. But he has never been more incisive and cutting than with this delectable satire. Four Oscars, including Best Picture, were announced for the film, so you have run out of reasons to skip this one.

Watch Se7en on Apple TV App

Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and one of the best crime thrillers of all time, Se7en released in the mid-90s. After a new genre investigating the minds of high-IQ serial murderers gave rise to The Silence of the Lambs. ‘Se7en’ is not one for the faint-hearted. In pursuit of a serial killer who picks his victims and justifies his crimes based on the seven deadly sins, gluttony, desire, vanity, sloth, pride, jealousy, and anger, the film follows two homicide detectives: the charismatic and young David Mills (Brad Pitt) and seasoned veteran William Somerset (Morgan Freeman). Until he ends his cruel game, the two detectives compete against the clock to apprehend sociopath ‘John Doe’ (Kevin Spacey). But his victims are racking up and his scheme for the final two sins is more than you might expect.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

Fred Rogers Quote

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is not a biopic of Fred Rogers. Instead, it’s a beautiful reflection on Fred Rogers’ virtues (played by Tom Hanks). Featuring him in the tale of a cynical journalist (Matthew Rhys) as a supporting character who thinks about the importance of compassion. While it may sound simplistic and cheesy, the film by Marielle Heller perfectly conveys that it is extraordinarily difficult to exercise compassion. And that cynicism is what is simplistic. Crafted as an adult episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a pleasant, insightful film.

The smart TV app allows you easy access to the iTunes Video library, allowing you to browse through thousands of movie picks, from the new movies to old-time classics. Yeah, you will have to pay to rent or buy, but what do you do when you get the itch for a particular movie?

Consider these 7 movies on the Apple TV app and have a relaxing weekend.

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