Here’s a glance at things to do when vacationing in Morocco. The gateway to Africa, Morocco is a dazzling and diverse region. Epic mountain ranges, ancient towns, sweeping plains, and welcoming hospitality are found here. Each country has its own unique and exclusive attractions. The below-mentioned are things to do when vacationing in Morocco.

Visit Casablanca

7 Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco Hassan II Mosque

The place is brimming with swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers on a sunny day. It provides a less conventional version of Morocco and a more family vacation-escape version.

Situated on a platform overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the landmark Hassan II Mosque is the world’s second-largest mosque. It is one of the few mosques available to non-Muslims in the world. There’s also an indoor market for a taste of rural Morocco, but typical shopping is best left to the old Medina.

From the expansive courtyard, which alone can accommodate a further 80,000 spectators, everyone is welcome to enjoy the magnificent piece of architecture at any time. The mosque gives Muslims the ability to pray on a glass floor, which can handle up to 25,000 worshipers, providing the special feeling of praying directly over the sea.

Stroll Across Aït Benhaddou

7 Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco - Aït Benhaddou

Aït Benhaddou, perhaps one of Morocco’s favorite tourism sites, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that appears to be a carving within the mountain itself. This tiny little settlement is an ighrem (something like a fortified and secure settlement) that was once used as a stopover point in the desert for merchants. It’s still an extremely lovely village to visit, but very few people live here now. To escape the crowds (and the powerful midday sun), just make sure to visit early.

Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco: Explore the Tanneries in Fez

7 Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco - Tanneries in Fez

The Imperial City of Fez, known for its leather goods, which mostly comes from the old medina’s leather bazaar. Since medieval times, tanneries have been in existence and have not improved much since then. Go to the leather stores in the galleries above Chaouwara Tannery’s central courtyard for the absolute view.

You can see the vats overflowing with bright tints from here, and the skins stretched out in the sunlight to dry. The fragrance of the combination of quicklime and pigeon feces used to repair the hides may be daunting, but it is more than balanced by the sight of the past in reality. In pursuit of premium leather items ranging from handbags to slippers, visit the stores directly. ​

The Long Coastlines Exploration 

7 Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco - Coastline

There are many glorious beaches in Morocco that offer a blend of leisure and healthy water sports. Indeed, there are beaches to suit each mood on the coastlines that run around the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There are rocky coastal areas that are suitable for long walks. With excellent views and consistent waves gives enjoyable water sports the perfect opportunity. You can find some of the most popular beaches in the country around Agadir, Tangier, and Tetouan. The top spots for surfing are Essaouira, Safi, and Taghazout. In the summer months, Oualidia and El Jadida come to life with holiday-making Moroccans.

Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco: Wander through Chefchaouen’s Blue Streets

7 Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco - Chefchaouen's Blue Street

Located in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, the sleepy town of Chefchaouen offers a welcoming respite after the hectic pace of larger cities in the region. Established in the 15th century, during the Spanish Reconquista, the town acted as a place of refuge for Muslims and Jews; and again during WWII for Jews fleeing Nazi rule. Today, its bohemian feel and the stunning elegance of its cobbled streets make it popular. Come and linger in Chefchaouen for its scenery, its unique artisan markets, traditional guesthouses, and cafes on the side streets.

Explore a Berber Village, Atlas Mountains

The Berbers are an ancient community west of the Nile Valley in North Africa. They have a long cultural heritage that goes back more than 4000 years ago, back to ancient times. Their impact influenced trade between the Sub-Saharan region and the northern Moroccan cities on trade routes. Today, in the mountains of Morocco, several typical Berber villages can still be found. These groups provide a fascinating look into the Berber culture and history since the Berber people do not dwell entirely in rural settlements. On trips to Morocco, a guided visit to a traditional Berber Village is a rare experience. On landing, with the backdrop of the magnificent Atlas Mountains behind them, you can see homes cut into the hillside.

Things To Do When Vacationing In Morocco: Know More About Different Arts in Morocco

Round Morocco, there are many enticing visual arts to enjoy. Splendid architecture exhibits exquisite creations across the nation and includes elegant touches applied by master artisans with skill. Pay attention to the details and beautiful wooden carvings, plasterwork, decorative tile work, and more would be visible. There are several museums and galleries devoted to the arts across the world, with paintings, sculptures, and photographs among the different items on display. Usually, a walkthrough would offer glimpses of craftsmen skillfully working on hand-crafted pieces. In Moroccan culture, music plays a significant part. Chaabi music is likely to be heard floating out of shop doors and playing on taxi radios. Also common are the related genres of Andalusian, gharnati, and malhun. Gnawa, Sufi music, rap, and rai are other styles of music you may hear while traveling around Morocco. There are many other arts and things to do when vacationing in Morocco.

Morocco is a very incredibly fascinating country to visit. The Top 7 things to do when vacationing in Morocco will help you to enjoy your visit to this destination.​

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