Bathroom Splashbacks are used in different areas of a bathroom. Mostly in areas like the shower enclosures or near the bathtub for keeping the water away from the wall. Bathroom splashback tiles are convenient for putting behind the toilets and sinks. Particularly, because they are easy to wipe down using a cloth to keep the area free of water and condensation. This will ensure that your bathroom is free from any type of germs and bacteria.

splashback tiles for large and small places

Bathroom splashback tiles can be installed in both small and large areas. These are an ideal way of adding a modern and bold element to your bathroom. The acrylic sheeting, in particular, is available in different colors and patterns. So you can use your imagination and implement a number of bathroom splashback ideas depending on your creativity. If you ever decide to change the color scheme or design of the bathroom in the future, you can easily do it since bathroom splashback tiles can be removed and replaced easily without a fuss.

Why using a Bathroom Splashback is beneficial

One of the biggest benefits of installing a bathroom splashback in your bathroom is that it will give you an option of quickly updating the bathroom’s look while still being functional. The Bathroom Splashbacks can be easily cut to any shape or reshaped which makes them extremely versatile when considering the places these can be installed. You even get to add a contemporary touch to the internal décor of your house. You won’t be required to hire laborers in order to install these tiles either as these can be easily fitted within hours using screws or suitable adhesive materials, making this a super quick DIY project for those who love indulging in such activities.

benefits of splashback tiles

Bathroom Splashbacks are commonly used for providing a waterproof surface such that the water doesn’t get collected and there is no water damage which can become a problem later on. While grouting and tiling are extremely prone to developing mould, keeping it clean it still remains a notoriously difficult activity. Splashbacks, on the other hand, have no joins which is why they are much easier to maintain.

Bathroom splashback for a shower

Acrylic is a material that is ideal for usage in shower enclosures because it is waterproof, hardwearing, as well as shatterproof. The bathroom splashback tiles are 10 times more impact-resistant when compared to glass which makes them a much safer option too, particularly for houses where a lot of notorious children live. The Acrylic sheeting is also incredibly easy to keep clean as it only requires a soft cloth and some warm soapy water for keeping it looking brand new. It is also more effective at preventing grease marks and keeping dust marks at bay as compared to glass or metal. The Bathroom Splashbacks have fewer joins if any, and this makes them a better hygienic alternative to tiling as it also allows you to skip grouting which is quite a tedious task.

splash back for shower area

While bathroom splashbacks can be fixed to walls or existing tiling, acrylic proves to be a more flexible material in comparison to glass and it will require a flat surface beneath if you are looking for best results. You will need to ensure that there are no broken tiles or cracks beneath if you want the best finish. It is recommended to prepare the surface using a thin and evenly spread adhesive before you fix the bathroom splashback in place. In case you are looking to use an adhesive in order to glue the splashback into place, you need to check that this should be applied in a thin layer that has no dumps which might come up on the surface.

Creative Bathroom Sink Splashback ideas that you can implement

With the sheer simplicity and ease-of-use, bathroom splashbacks have become an integral component in a bathroom. As they come in different shapes and sizes, they can be easily altered to best suit the theme of the house. Here are some of the most creative Bathroom Splashback ideas that you can implement.

Inviting and warm tumbled stone

One of the biggest dangers of bathroom splashbacks tiles is that they can often be stark and sterile. However, no such problems occur if you are using natural stones, especially a tumbled stone. Just like the name implies, the tumbled stone machine is tumbled until the corners and sharp edges are smoothed down. This process will give the Bathroom Splashback a timeless look which is classically elegant yet filled with character.

Aztec Flavoring

This one is a bathroom splashback having an authentic pizazz. Why go for level and boring options when you can easily ramp up the excitement levels by simply turning the design 45 degrees with these exceptional diagonals?
This is a creative bathroom splashback idea and it comes in three layers. The diagonals will be a cohesive 4-by-12 inch strip. Two 2-by-2-inch rows called the Tiger’s Eye Dots, sandwich these strips between them.

Mosaic Bathroom SplashBack

The Mosaic tile will work exceptionally well when used for bathroom backsplashes. It consists of sheets of tiny tiles. These tiles are attached to a mesh backing, the mosaic is malleable, attractive, and easy to cut. It makes use of traditional ceramic tiles, glass tiles, porcelain tiles, and even natural stone.

Pedestal Sink Border Splashback

If you have a pedestal sink, why would you need a splashback? Wouldn’t it be entirely optional?

All the pedestal sinks come with some kind of dam. This is specially designed for preventing the water from spilling over the back. Some of the pedestal sinks will have a substantial backer. This helps to obviate the practical need for the wall splash back.

Porcelain Tile Extension

USA’s Bengali Verde is known to form the majority of the bathroom surface’s counter, floor, wall, and of course, splashback. This one is another quality example of wall-as-backsplash, where the two of them are indistinguishable.

This one is an all-purpose collection which includes all types of sizes, from 2-by-2-inch to massive 18-inch squares. Even the border that can be placed around the mirror is available in this collection. This type of border can easily be used for both wall and floor.

beautification of your bathroom

You would be spending a lot of your time relaxing and beautifying yourself in the bathroom. It is only the most logical idea to spend some time and thoughts on beatifying the bathroom space itself. You can thus increase your sense of luxury even more even without investing too much.

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